Our Mission
To Assist Our Client on their Path to Success

Our Value Statement

Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC is dedicated to producing the highest quality services and relationships by creating a culture and value system guided by certain principles. These principles define who and what we are, both individually and as a Firm. They guide our behavior, influence our thinking and enhance our judgement. By consistently practicing these principles, we believe we will be successful in creating this value system. We define these principles as:


    In all our pursuits we act with honor, seeking to be truthful and fair in all we do.


    In all of our relationships we will show respect through common courtesy, honoring others, seeking first to understand by being good listeners and treating others better than we expect to be treated.


    We will be proactive, dependable and responsible in all aspects of client (both external and internal) service including building and maintaining relationships.


    We feel dedicated, excited and motivated about what we do; seeking joy, meaning and significance in our work.


    We build lifelong learning through education, mentorship and work experience.


    We recognize that all true success comes from interdependence of individuals working together as a team. We value listening and understanding; seeking mutual collaboration. We encourage the interdependence on being hungry, humble and smart. (See book, The Ideal Team Player.)


    We embrace a sense of commitment, connection and dedication to the Firm and the people who work here.


    We recognize that our families have our highest priority.


    We recognize the need to contribute and participate in the communities we serve.

Our Background

– 1988, Founded

Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC was formed by Jeffery Neher, Judy S. Conner, Irwin Conner, Philip Blakney and Al Cordell in 1988. Jeff, Judy, Irv, Phil and Al realized that together their two successful firms could complement and provide exceptional service and expertise as one.

– Today, The Principals

The Principals of Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC: Timothy M. Dilley, Kristine S. LoomisSteven M. Neher, and Sean M. Patton, continue to shape the partnership with their shared vision of providing exemplary service, consulting and financial assistance throughout North Central Washington. Under their leadership, the Firm has grown to a team of more than 30 professional and support members, and we continue to expand the scope of the services we provide to our clients and community.

– In NCW, We’re One of the Largest

Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC, is one of the largest Certified Public Accounting firms in North Central Washington with individual and business clients spanning the globe. We have been providing businesses, not-for-profit organizations and individuals with financial and tax planning assistance for more than 50 years. Our Firm is comprised of experienced, dedicated professionals with widely diverse backgrounds and areas of technical expertise. That’s good news for our clients! Since business and personal accounting today is so broad in scope, specialized expertise is needed to offer a full range of accounting services.

– The Key, Personalized Service

Personalized service is the key to an effective working relationship. Each client is unique. Each requires individual attention and understanding. We continually improve and expand our team, expertise, facilities and programs to keep pace with our clients’ requirements and to anticipate their future needs.

– Professional Excellence, At the Highest Level

At Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC we are committed to excellence. To further enhance this commitment, we elected to become a member of the Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) division of CPA firms. The objective of this section is to improve the quality of services of CPA firms by establishing practice requirements for member firms.

To ensure the practice requirements are maintained, each member firm is required to have a “peer review” every three years. Since the inception of the peer review program we have had peer reviews conducted every three years with the latest peer review conducted in December 2014. In each and every peer review we have received an unqualified report with no letter of comment. This is the highest level of reporting available.

The licensing body of our profession, the Washington State Board of Accountancy, has developed a quality assurance program to evaluate the commitment of individual firms to standards of professional excellence. Our Firm has met all the standards of professional excellence without exception and none of our employees have been notified of any complaints by regulatory agencies.

– Our Investment, Our Clients’ Gain

You will benefit from the expertise and experience of our qualified personnel. We invest substantial sums in training to enable us to keep clients informed of changing economic, legislative and financial reporting conditions.

– Our Commitment, Giving Back

We are also committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Since 1988 we annually complete a Community Service Day. This is an annual event where the office is closed for an entire business day while the firm participates in a community betterment project. Our professionals are actively involved in a variety of service clubs, schools, churches and other civic organizations.

– Whatever the Challenge, We Can Help

As a result of our steady growth we are able to help our clients with virtually any tax, financial, business or management advisory problem that may arise. As a client you have this valuable resource available to assist you.

North Central Washington’s respected businesses turn to Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC for their review, accounting, tax and consulting needs because we have unrivaled experience gained from decades of working with organizations of all kinds.

At Cordell, Neher & Company, our experience translates into proactive business advice and service tailored to meet your organization’s needs. We want to help you find the financial strength to serve your organization and fulfill your mission.

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