Mairette_Pete_LuchiniHave you received an IRS audit letter in the mail?

  • What if you can’t pay your taxes … even your payroll taxes?
  • How do you respond to an IRS audit letter?
  • What information should you provide and what isn’t legally required to be provided to the IRS?

Pete’s specialty training as an IRS Representative provides you the peace of mind knowing she can assist you every step of the way. She is an expert in tax audit representation with a complete understanding of your legal rights including:

  • Understanding and responding to an IRS letter or audit notice
  • Preparing for and surviving an IRS audit
  • Filing back taxes and returns
  • Payroll tax issues
  • IRS liens, levies, and seizures
  • IRS wage garnishment and establishment of payment plans
  • Bankruptcy
  • Innocent spouse relief

If you have tax problems or are facing an IRS audit, do not let the IRS intimidate you.  Pete is highly successful in managing IRS audits and resolving tax disputes.  Let her assist you and provide you peace of mind.

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