Jeff Neher
Jeff Neher – CPA, of Counsel

Jeff graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1972 and from Pacific Lutheran University in 1986 cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  From there, he led a group of Wenatchee area CPA’s taking classes from Golden Gate University Graduate School of Taxation in Wenatchee.  Jeff became a Certified Public Accountant in January 1978.

He started in Public Accounting in Tacoma at Brink & Sadler, CPA’s in January 1977 and returned to Wenatchee in January 1989 to work for Homchick, Koch & Associates.  He left Homchick at the end of December 1982 with John Ringler to form Ringler & Neher, CPA’s. Jeff started the Firm in the basement of his home until a formal office could be established. Phil Blakney joined the Firm later that year and the name was changed to Ringler, Neher & Blakney, CPA’s.

In May of 1988, Jeff attended a Management of Accounting Practice seminar in Reno Nevada with Irv and Judy Conner, who were then competitors.  That encounter initiated discussions that led to a merger of the two firms and a common goal of being able to specialize in areas of practice while providing better and more services to clients.

The other part of the goal was for Jeff to be able to spend less time on Firm management.  The last goal never happened.  Jeff served on the Management Committee for the Firm until he became the Managing Partner and continued to serve for 20 years.

In 2002 Jeff led the Firm to form CNC Financial Group, LLC providing Financial Services and Planning for clients.  Jeff served as the Champion Partner of CNCFG from its inception until August 31, 2020.  Under Jeff’s leadership, the firm has grown and is currently the 17th largest Firm associated with Avantax Wealth Management.

In addition to serving clients, Jeff has dedicated time to serving a variety of community organizations and efforts. He has received numerous awards and recognition, including:

  • Member AICPA and Washington State Society of CPA’s
  • Served on the AICPA Professional Liability Insurance Committee
  • Past Continuing Education Instructor for the WSCPA
  • Local Wenatchee Chapter of WSCPA Past President and Board Member
  • Past Director of National Association of Accountants
  • Past member of the Estate Planning Council of NCW
  • Received Success to Significance Award from 1st Global Research & Consulting
  • Friends of Wenatchee Public Library Capital Campaign Committee Chairman
  • Served the Chamber as Ambassador and received Ambassador of the Month honors
  • Public speaker and recognized instructor for various organizations
  • Started KPQ Tax Tip program in 1984
  • Started tabulation of the results of the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Queen’s Selection Pageant in 1984 changing the process to an electronic process
  • Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Art Print Chair
  • Received Lehman Johnson Award
  • Wenatchee Central Lions Club Board member, Past President, and Melvin Jones Fellow
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the American Heart Association
  • Vocational Advisory Committee member for Eastmont School District
  • Served on Business Advisory Committee for Wenatchee Valley College
  • Past President of Grace Lutheran Church Council
  • Central Washington (now Confluence) Hospital Foundation Past Board Member and Past Finance Committee Chairman
  • Boy Scouts of America, Grand Columbia Council, past Board and Executive Board Member

Past Assistant Scout Master Troops 2 and 8

Well Wishes

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  • I first got to know Jeff when we were in a Master of Taxation class in Wenatchee. He was the smartest student in the class. A few years later I got the opportunity to become his partner. We were partners for over 30 years.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Phil Blakney (Phil Blakney)
  • You have been integral in shaping our family’s financial future and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with you through our adventures in business!  It has always been a fun experience to get to discuss our tax situation, even when we’ve owed money- you have a way of making that a positive!  I have also appreciated your advice through three business transactions and multiple investment changes.  Beyond all of this, it has been great to have had absolute trust in your advice and ultimately to call you friend. Thanks for who you are and all that you have done for us!
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Matt and Darcy Jeffery (Matt & Darcy Jeffery)
  • Congratulations!  It's been great working with you.  You'll be missed, enjoy retirement.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Leanne Ford (Leanne Ford)
  • Dear Jeff, I want to wish you a long and healthy retirement! This year marks Shady Creek’s 25th year of business.  Your expert knowledge and experience are one of the reasons we made it to the quarter-century mark.  You always made time to answer my questions, to help me make informed decisions on how to proceed and to reassure me. So, best of everything to you and from this small business owner, you mattered, your career mattered, and I’m forever grateful for your help!
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Donna Newell Shady Creek Gardens & Ponds (Donna Newel - Shady Creek Gardens & Ponds)
  • Dear Jeff, Congratulations on your upcoming well-deserved retirement!  You’ve been an inspiration to me in the WIN team, always moving your firm forward.  I wish you health and happiness in the next phase! Sincerely,
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Lisa Evans (Lisa Evans, Certified Financial Planner TM)
  • Dear Jeff: You did it right by  easing into the retirement mode.  Well done.  Speaking as one who is retired, I can tell you that Full Retirement is not all it is cracked up to be;  IT'S BETTER! !   There are things you will miss like the wonderful people you work with.   You will miss the clients.  The good ones because they never caused you a problem.  The "difficult" ones  because they presented you with problems from which you gained great satisfaction in solving.  Yep, the people and the challenges you will miss. You will not miss the ever-shifting sands of government regulations, guidelines and of course the "rock solid" tax code.  You will not miss the fuzzy, misty, shifty, hazy timelines, OR the shopping bags of receipts OR the April 14th "oops I forgot to mention"  additional tid bits of critical information. The best part of Retirement is that every day is a holiday.  The tiresome part is that you NEVER really get a day off.  You will quickly adjust.  You will sometimes find that you are busier than ever, but you are mostly in charge of what you do and when you do it.  So, relax, rest and enjoy that which you have earned many times over and so richly  deserve.  Thank you my friend. We will miss you.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Elaine & Wes Hensley (Elaine & Wes Hensley)
  • Dear Jeff, We thank you for your kindness in how you treated us as clients.  You showed great delight in guiding us and your passion for your work and your clients really showed.  We enjoyed your sense of humor and broad acceptance.  Thank you for your service to our community, most recently as the chair of the successful library capital campaign.  We wish you happiness as you begin the next chapter in your life.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Susan and Paul Ballinger (Susan and Paul Ballinger)
  • Hey Jeff, We are going to really miss when/if we are ever allowed to have Avantax meetings. We will miss your humor, wisdom and, of course, laugh. We sincerely hope that your retirement is all fun and games! Stop by if you are ever in/near Simi Valley.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Chris Boynton & Kelley Windham (Chris Boynton & Kelley Windham)
  • Congratulations Jeff! I knew Jeff’s laugh long before I knew Jeff the person. Sitting at a conference and hearing Jeff’s laugh from afar is a thing of joy. Once I connected the person to the laugh it all made sense - Jeff is a man of joy and a man of wisdom. The combination is electric, and the laugh sums it all up. I wish you the best of luck as you chart this next stage of the journey.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Sean at Reason Financial (Sean at Reason Financial)
  • Thanks for all the great years of service to the Wenatchee Valley.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Bill – The Igloo (Bill - The Igloo)
  • Jeff—-you are my lifelong best friend, and I appreciate you more than I can say!! I wish you all the best in your retirement!  Can’t wait to keep traveling with you and Bev! Love,
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Beth Ellen (Beth Ellen)
  • Jeff, My deepest gratitude to you for being such a significant person during some big life changes…and since then too. With every interaction we’ve had, I know you've had my best interest at heart. You were the one I would look to so often and ask if I’d be okay and believe you without a doubt when you said yes. I appreciate how you always made sure I understood what’s happening with my accounts, the decisions you were making on my behalf, and for the way that you always listened. I’ve so enjoyed all of our conversations and especially loved those about our travels. I wish you all the best in your retirement. I hope you get to see and do and experience all that you wish to in this next chapter. Enjoy every moment…and all the little things, too.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Lisa Heuple (Lisa Heuple)
  • We are sincerely thankful for the many years of your valued friendship and wise counsel.  We will miss your wonderful humor and infectious spirit. The best in retirement to you and your family, God bless.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Jim & April Johnson (Jim and April Johnson)
  • Congratulations just isn't a big enough word. If you think now you will have a lot of time to accomplish things, think again. LOL. That list will keep getting longer as the days go by. Enjoy. We will miss your infectious laugh.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Steve and Paula Lemons AKA H & D Logging (Steve and Paula Lemons AKA H & D Logging)
  • Hi Jeff, We will miss your wisdom and your laugh.  You always gave us confidence that everything would work out well. We will always remember you for that. May your retirement be a happy and eventful time. All the Best
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Don and Verna Heinicke (Don and Verna Heinicke)
  • Jeff, Congratulations on your retirement!! Roberta and I have really appreciated the service, knowledge and especially the time allotted to us by you and the staff.  It has been our pleasure to have had the privilege of getting to know you and your great personality, we always left feeling good about our visit.  Hope you have a really great retirement and are able to get out and enjoy it as soon as this pandemic fiasco blows over.  Congratulation again and we wish you the very best in your retirement. Thank you
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Steven Nieuwenhuis Douglas County PUD (Steven Nieuwenhuis Douglas County PUD)
  • Our Dear Friend Jeff, The Werlings have been blessed to have been friends with Jeff and his family for almost his entire career.  Our first meeting, I believe, was at Grace Lutheran in Wenatchee.   We had 2 babies and their kids were a bit older but all got along really well.  Bev would allow us to “borrow” the kids for my wife to do a cooking lesson at our house.   Asking Jeff to become our financial advisor was an immediate no brainer.   His insight, broad understanding of the world and common sense approach was refreshing and greatly appreciated.   He made complex options simple and always strove to maximize our returns with our involvement.   The best thing of working with Jeff is his infectious laugh.  He really enjoys people and the work he does.   I loved hearing him talk about his walkabouts on the Olympic Peninsula…. even once happening into bear territory.  That laugh! We must go back to the family.  Jeff and Bev have raised a wonderful family.  Although we moved away from Wenatchee area many years ago we have kept up to date as each grew and even some following into the business Jeff has helped build.  Great families do not just happen. We have also enjoyed keeping up with Jeff and Bev’s travels, even scheduling an opportunity meet in Amsterdam before one of their adventures.  I am sure there will be many more adventures Jeff and Bev will have for many years to come. Enjoy this next phase.  We know you will never sit still nor cease giving to those around you. Congratulation,
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Henry, Ellen, Joanne & David Werling (Henry, Ellen, Joanne & David Werling)
  • Congrats! Now you have time to start on the bucket list.  No excuses.  And no phone calls or emails from me. Enjoy!!
    Jeff Neher Retirement – John Sutherland (John Sutherland)
  • RETIREMENT!!  Congratulations Jeff!  Thank You for years of monitoring our taxes, keeping us professionally informed, and being a tireless community role model.  You are about to embark on the “best years of your life”.  They do not announce themselves at the beginning … they sort of sneak up on you …. approximately  6 months from now they will reveal their freedom rewards … enjoy! Best wishes,
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Vernon and Clyde Netz (Vernon and Clyde Netz)
  • HAPPY RETIREMENT JEFF! It is encouraging to find someone who excels in their career and also enjoys it.  Completing our taxes was easier because you are a great communicator and have such an infectious laugh.  We will miss you.  Some people can not be replaced. We also want to thank you for your community service, especially for your leadership in funding the Wenatchee library.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Doris and David Nierman (Doris and David Nierman)
  • Congratulations, Jeff!  While it has been a short run of working together, I have respected the company you helped create and the way you have assisted your clients for a number of years.  I wish you the best in retirement with your family.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Jason Underwood (Jason Underwood)
  • Jeff,  Congratulations!  That is said with some reservations as we have come to rely on you for guidance in several aspects of our lives, financial and at times personal for many years.  We know you have good people in place but....  No one has a drawer stocked with high quality chocolates like you.  Thanks so much for all your help and financial advice and for just being a good person.  See you on the golf course! John and Rebecca Simmons
    Jeff Neher Retirement – John and Rebecca Simmons (John and Rebecca Simmons)
  • Jeff, Congratulations on your retirement! You were a source of wisdom and advice for us when we lived out of the country, and it brought us great peace of mind knowing our tax preparations and all were in such good hands. We sure miss your laugh! May God bless you and your family in whatever He has next for you. Greg and Brenda Hendrick
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Greg and Brenda Hendrick (Greg and Brenda Hendrick)
  • Jeff, we go back a long way with memories too many to list, all the way from Ringler Neher & Blakney (when the partners were half the firm) above the former Owl Drug as I took Denise Darling’s maternity leave in 1987 & Bev provided the daycare for my kids, to the office on Chelan where we merged with Cordell & Conner, to now on Penny Rd.  You have purchased a few businesses adding to the CNC client base.  You will SORELY be missed for all of your award-winning expertise, client relations, financial planning, memory like an elephant and great business owner/manager skill.  CNC will never be the same, really!  You have influenced over 200 employees, other professionals & countless clients while working with 14 very different partners.  I learned a lot from you, and the business owners you contracted my expertise to!  My one & only litigation experience with you was a doozy, lasting over 3 years & was literally the last case of the attorney.  We shall never forget tax parties that went into the night at your house after raucous lip-syncing parodies of the partners, farmers parties, beer 30’s, community service days, April Fools Days, trips to Las Vegas & Lake Tahoe for CPE, company picnics, Christmas party gift exchanges, Ridge to River Relay teams, TP (tax pals), and others. And the not so fun times, including the passing of 7 colleagues, a gun-wielding spouse of an employee, the Anthrax scare, wars, earthquakes (real & manmade), power outages, numerous tax law & technology changes (starting with only 1 person in the office on a computer with tax software), pet antics in the office, indoor flooding, etc. May your next chapter be equally as adventurous.  Tim & I wish you & Bev the best always, for a job especially well done! And remember, an “eye patch” is always the perfect accessory!  ;^) Fondly,
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Karen Zanol (Karen Zanol)
  • Jeff’s visionary leadership has been a big part of Cordell, Neher & Co., PLLC’s development into the leader in accounting and holistic financial services in our Valley.  He leaves behind a strong foundation for further growth and we will miss his daily presence and encouragement.  I’m certain he’ll be cheering us on from his retirement travels.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Kris Loomis (Kris Loomis)
  • Jeff, congratulations on an incredible career in accounting and wealth management.  You were instrumental in the growth and success of CNC and CNCFG since their inception and I wish you even greater success in retirement!
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Sean Patton (Sean Patton)
  • It has been great having the opportunity to work with my Father, learning from his vast knowledge and experiencing his love and care for clients and his devotion to the team at CNC.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Steve Neher (Steve Neher)
  • Best wishes to a great colleague, partner, and friend!  You have taught me so much throughout my career.  Thank you so much!
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Tim Dilley (Tim Dilley)
  • Congratulations Jeff on your retirement. Thank you for your years of thoughtful mentorship. You have taught me the power of “Dreaming Big” and that if you bring the passion and love for your work with you daily, it won’t feel like a job, but an honor and privilege to assist our clients daily.   Enjoy every minute of your well-deserved retirement.   You will be missed. Bradi Dahmen
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Bradi Dahmen (Bradi Dahmen)
  • Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your years of service to our firm, our clients and our community.  I very much appreciate the friendship and mentoring you have given me through the years.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Charlie Miracle (Charlie Miracle)
  • I have fond memories of Jeff and Irv at the 21 table on multiple trips to Reno and Lake Tahoe.  I especially remember a Las Vegas trip of just the two of us, (Jeff and myself) under the guise of a conference at the Venetian, squeezing in a front row seat at the magical Ziegfeld and Roy performance.  Topping off that trip with an afternoon at the Las Vegas M&M store with its rainbow of colored tubes of M&M's floating to the ceiling of a three-story building.  In retirement - May we recognize your golf cart parked at the club by the jar of M&M's on its dashboard.
    Jeff Neher Retirement – Judy Connor (Judy Connor)
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