Every year since 1988, Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC has closed its doors for a full business day and volunteered in our communities as a team. Over the years, Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC has completed work on homes for the elderly, landscaped and planted the YMCA parking lot, painted Steam Engine 1147 (the locomotive by George Sellar bridge), re-planted native gardens at Ohme Gardens, re-planted native gardens at Barn Beach Reserve in Leavenworth plus many other projects to assist our communities.

This year, on June 6, 2013, the team of Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC will again set aside their pencils and computers – grab log spiltters, rakes and paint brushes, don their boots and jeans to volunteer cleaning assist in the clean up from that hard winter that beset the Lake Wenatchee YMCA camp and stack, haul, paint and generally clean up camp to allow the campers to come in and have a great experience. (http://lwycamp.org/).

In the summer of 1947, the YMCA Board of Directors made a decision that would change the course of the Wenatchee YMCA forever. The decision was the hiring of Larry Handy as General Secretary of the YMCA. Handy came from the Tulare County YMCA in California and had an extensive background in camping programs and was a past president of the Pacific Federation of American Camping Associations. It took little time for Handy to put that experience to use. “The interest and aim of the YMCA in developing the camping program is based on the conviction that character growth and character training takes place in a camp setting to much higher degrees than in any other setting.” None of the growth the YMCA experienced would have been possible without strong leadership. For nearly 20 years, Larry Handy had been the vision for the Wenatchee YMCA. When he left for a new career in Seattle in 1966, his legacy was recognized by having the camp lodge he fought so hard to complete named in his honor.

Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC is dedicated to giving back to our amazing communities that offer us such diverse an amazing opportunities to enjoy the four seasons we have in our Valley. The projects they have been involved with over the years have been chosen for the benefit their team can provide to individuals or groups in need. CNC hopes that they provide inspiration to others as well to give back to our wonderful communities. More photographs from CNC’s 2013 Community Service Day Project and those of previous years can be viewed at their website at http://cnccpa.com/company-news.

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